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  • Independence Day Sale

    Posted on July 3, 2012 by Chris Ballinger

    It's 10% off everything in the store and it's only happening this Tuesday and Wednesday. It's the Independence Day Sale!

    Use coupon code 4712 and you can get 10% off your entire order.

    Plus, if you order a Sundia Diabolo before 11:59pm on Independence day, we will send you a copy of the Ultimate Diabolo DVD for free!

    sundia diabolo

    It works like this: Add what you want to your shopping cart. Click "View Cart". Type in the coupon code and be sure to click "Apply". Then continue with the checkout process. All offers end on July 4th at 11:59pm EST.

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  • Sizing Balls

    Posted on May 2, 2012 by Chris Ballinger

    We are always looking for ways to make it easier to get exactly what you want from JugglingStore. That's why we use things like detailed product descriptions, clean images and review videos to get you familiar with the prop before you buy it. Now there is a new tool that you can use to ensure you're getting the right sized ball.

    We've always had the dimensions of our balls listed in the product description, but we understand that it's tough to get out a ruler and try to visualize the exact size based on the listed diameter. That's why we are introducing the new Tennis Ball Size Comparison Charts. This visually gives you an idea of how large the ball is based on an object we are all familiar with: a tennis ball!

    Under every ball and beanbag image on the website, you'll see a tiny thumbnail, by rolling your mouse over it, you will expand an image of a tennis ball and a diagram of a ball that fits the props dimensions. By comparing the size of the tennis ball next to the diagram, you can see exactly how big the ball you are ordering is before you buy it.

    Juggling Ball Size

    For balls with several size options, such as the MB Stage Balls or the Hybrid Acrylic Balls the diagram includes the tennis ball plus all of the other sizes side-by-side. This way to can get an idea of how large the balls are compared to the tennis ball as well as see the jump in size from one type to another.

    Juggling Ball Sizing chart

    This is a project that has been a long time in the making, but it got rushed to completion because a customer requested it. We are always looking out for ways to help you get the exact juggling prop that you are looking for. If you have any other suggestions on ways to make that easier, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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  • Bob and Trish Visit JS

    Posted on March 20, 2012 by Chris Ballinger

    Viral Video winners Bob and Trish Evans paid a little visit to the JugglingStore warehouse as a part of their tour across the US.

    Bob and Trish are a acrobatic juggling duo. They combine elements of juggling, unicycling, basketball, yoga and running to create a show that is both athletic and aesthetic.

    We showed them around the warehouse where they played with some of our newer props and we did a little interview.

    Be on the lookout for a followup video of them trying out our K-8 Prophesy IR clubs.

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  • New Look Coming Soon

    Posted on February 1, 2012 by Chris Ballinger

    We have been working hard to make JugglingStore.com the best place to shop for Juggling Supplies. A massive overhaul is underway to bring you a new look, logo, video format and better images of every prop we stock.

    This February, expect to see radical changes happening right here at jugglingstore.com! Join us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on the latest changes and newest products.

    new look for jugglingstore

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  • Photo Shoot

    Posted on January 19, 2012 by Chris Ballinger

    This is a follow-up to my last blog about our site re-design. We had a blast out shooting with Rob Crites, Jamie Haggar, Ramon Gallo, and Derik Kyle; and we're really glad to have video taped the experience.

    We hope that the video inspires you to get together with some of your friends and juggle. Send us a video of your juggling and it might just end up right here on the JS Blog.

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  • Sneak Peek

    Posted on January 16, 2012 by Chris Ballinger

    We are redesigning JugglingStore with a new look. and to kick things off we brought in some of our favorite Southern California juggling friends and did a little photo shoot.

    Rob Crites balancing a hat

    Rob Crites gave a few of us pointers on hat balancing with a Top Hat.

    Rob Crites juggling five clubs

    Rob Crites demonstrates a few 5 club patterns with his Orange PX3 PM Clubs.

    Jamie Haggar juggling

    Star of the Ultimate Ball Juggling DVD, Jamie Haggar juggles some of the new 67mm Sil-X Implosion Balls.

    PX3 Pirouette juggling club

    One of our well-worn and often-used PX3 Pirouettes.

    Everyone hanging out between shots.

    rob crites club juggling

    Rob getting some high throws in.

    Ramon spinning fire

    Ramon spun some fire for us as the sun went down.

    Rob crites juggling torches

    Rob fueling up his Pro Torches.

    Rob Crites juggling klassic torches

    Rob gets ready to juggle his Klassic Torches. Later he got a beautiful five torch cascade going.

    We had a blast hanging out and putting in a full day of solid juggling. Be on the look out for more pics, video and the new look of JugglingStore.com! 2012 is going to be EPIC!

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  • What's in a Footbag?

    Posted on September 16, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    To most people a Footbag or "Hacky Sack" is just a loosely-filled ball that gets kicked around. But if you're seriously considering getting into this extremely popular past-time, you soon realize that there are a lot of bags to choose from. So, what's the difference? Does it really matter which one you get? Where do I start.

    For the ease of explanation we will separate the bags into what they are filled with (usually sand or plastic pellets) and then into the complexity of their patchwork.

    Hacky Sack Design

    The following images put the bags in order from simple patchwork to more complex. This will help you keep track of the bags as we describe them.

    Sand Filled Footbags
    Sand has a couple of distinguishing attributes. The first being that it adds to the weight of the bag without the bag having a stuffed or over-filled feeling. This makes them ideal for stalls and makes them easier to catch. The small grains also allows the filler to move freely in the bag, causing the bag to sort of "Plop" and sty put when dropped.

    Sand Filled Footbags

    The Dirtbag Footbag features the most simple patchwork with eight synthetic suede leather panels. The Sir Hemp Sand Lord features a twelve panel design fashioned out of a very grippy hemp material.The SandMaster, iKick Dirtbag, and Bahama Bag each have fourteen panels, but the panel shapes vary from bag to bag. The Pyramid features eight panels, which are made of three panels of the same color, making it a unique twenty-four panel bag. The Alpha Dirtbag is a professional bag with twenty-six panels to ensure that the bag stays round and easy to catch.

    Finally we have the Shark. Now wait a minute! The Shark only has three panels, yet it's at the end of the spectrum. What gives?

    It's true, the shark only has three panels, but do to the panel's unique zig-zag design and additional "fins" the bag has a the feel of a more complex patch design. Those fins not only look cool, but it also gives the bag better grip and stall capabilities.

    Pellet Filled Footbags
    The bags filled with plastic pellets or beads are often lower in price. Most still feature the same synthetic suede and patchwork so they are a great value. They often have more fill in them and are lighter weight.

    Plastic Filled Footbags

    The Liston 4 Panel bag has nice big panels which allows the plastic pellets to move freely in the bag. The fourteen panels of the iKick Footbag feature the same material and patchwork as the iKick Dirtbag seen earlier. The Mirage's fourteen panels are constructed of Macro-Suede giving it a super-grippy feel.

    The last three bags don't have patchwork at all, but instead feature a more classic knit or crochet design. The Hempster is a semi-loose hemp crochet bag. The hemp's texture offers more friction between the bag and your body, which gives you more control. Featuring hand-woven cotton, the Lunasac offers high visibility with it's bright pattern work. And finally we have the Boota Bag which keeps its round shape with a tight cotton crochet design.

    Lead Filled Footbags
    Finally, we come to the weirdos of the bunch. We'll start off with Da 120 Footbag which features super-complex patchwork which bring together all 120 super-suede panels! The hybrid filler combines metal pellets for weight and plastic pellets for fill and cost. Bringing you a very round and consistent footbag.

    Da 120 Footbag

    Next up is the Mighty Mite Footbag. It's smaller than your average footbag, but it's filled with metal ball bearings which gives it extra weight and a looser fill. This allows for higher kicks and easier stalls.

    Mighty Mite Footbag

    And finally we have the Ya-Mak-A Footbag. Technically, this comes with plastic pellets, but since you're the one making it, you can fill it with whatever you want! The nice thing about your Ya-Mak-A bag is that you end up with a personal attachment to the bag. It's your baby. And you can fill it and stitch it to the exact size and fill that you desire.

    Ya-Mak-A Footbag

    So that's the quick low-down on the different footbags that we offer. For more information on any of these bags, please click the name of the bag and enjoy the more detailed description.

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  • Drawing a Winner

    Posted on June 6, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    Part of our Memorial Day Sale and Giveaway was to draw from a list of those who ordered over the weekend and send that lucky person a new set of limited-edition K8 juggling clubs. This video documents the momentous occasion:

    The Gaulicho clubs were created by K8 in a limited quantity for their head artist. It features some of his very psychedelic artwork and bright complementary colors.

    k8 gualicho clubs

    For more information on giveaways and upcoming sales, please join the Mailing List, RSS feed for the blog, and our Facebook Fan Page.

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  • Duo Rings from K8

    Posted on May 18, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    Sometimes new props come into the warehouse and we jump up and down with excitement. We're grown men. It's not right. But sometimes it happens.

    This very reaction of skipping around the warehouse holding a new prop and squealing, "Look at this! It's so great! I can't believe how cool it is!" happened just last week when the new shipment from K8 Juggling came into the shop.

    We've been carrying the Duo Rings - Fuego for some time and they've been getting a great response from our customers. But when the new Eschers and 3-Ds came in a whole new wave of excitement swept through the place.

    Duo Juggling Rings k8

    The Eschers feature a green, red and black box design in the style of artist M.C. Escher. The 3-D ring features a very cool spiral design in red, white and blue. All three styles of Duo Rings are reversable; meaning the designs decorate one side, while the other side is a blank white.

    k8 Duo Ring 3-D
    Duo Ring 3-D
    k8 Duo Ring Escher
    Duo Ring Escher
    k8 duo ring fuego
    Duo Ring Fuego

    Unlike other reversible rings, the Duos use a durable decal which resists warping and scratches. The plastic used is smooth and has a very nice return when bounced.

    If you're looking for rings that are going to help you stand out and allow for the maximum pattern variations, we highly recommend you take a close look at the Duo Rings from the K8 Juggling Line.

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  • Isla Vista Juggling Festival

    Posted on April 25, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    Every year jugglers from all over the west coast come to the UCSB campus for the Isla Vista Juggling Festival. And each year JugglingStore is there to answer questions, demo products and up the general level of awesomeness.

    The Isla Vista Juggling Festival is less centered on competitions and sponsorships and more about having fun. The loose style invites juggling, unicycling, magic, whip cracking, mind puzzles, hooping, poi and new forms of object manipulation.

    Isla Vista Juggling Festival 2011Chris' daughter rocking the Fiber Light Poi.

    As always, we had a great time showing off the latest props and getting to talk face-to-face instead of over the phone or through e-mail.

    This year's top sellers at the festival included the Play D Clubs, Juggling Rings, and Deluxe Beanbags.

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