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Ball Bounce DVD

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    In this DVD Paul Bachman teaches everything that has to do with ball bouncing. This includes three balls, four balls, and even five balls. Bachman gives instructions for over 25 patterns with 3, 4 and 5 balls. Along with this he give you some professional tips and insights which can really help.

    Runtime: 38 minutes.
    Format: DVD (NTSC Region Free).

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    Review by Thlayli
    Ease Of Use
    This Was My First Juggling Video, After Approx. 10 Years Of Juggling On My Own. I'D Wanted To Learn More About Bounce Juggling, So I Bought It. Initially, I Was Impressed By His Routines, Though I'D Have To Describe Some Of His Mannerisms As, Well, Silly. But The Video Is Very Informative, And He Crams A Lot Of Information Into It. In Fact, Maybe Too Much Information For The Length Of The Video (Just Over A Half-Hour). I'D Wanted To Pick Up Some More Insight On The Five-Ball Bounce, But I Couldn'T, Because He Spent Almost No Time Explaining How To Get Started In The Pattern. The Video Could Benefit From Some Slow-Motion Footage Of Starts. Also, There'S A Lengthy Portion At The Beginning Of The Video Telling You What'S On It... Too Long, Considering The Overall Length. It'D Be Better Served By Having That Info Printed On The Packaging, Instead Of Just Shipping In A Solid Black Sleeve. Overall, Though, It'S Got Enough Information To Merit Repeated Viewings, And I'M Sure I'Ll Be Learning A Good Bit From It As Time Passes. Also, There'S Some Mean-Spirited Entertainment Value In The Tape, But I'Ll Let Prospective Buyers Discover That For Themselves. I Recommend This Video For Anyone Who'S Already Learned The Basic Bounce Cascade, But Wants To Further Branch Out. Plus, You Can'T Beat This Price... Believe Me, I'Ve Checked. (Posted on 8/8/03)
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